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Now, with Magic Rewards, you can earn points every time you fuel your flame.
Earn 10 points for every dollar, and redeem them for exclusive rewards. We’ll even give
you bonus points with your first reward to start you off strong, so download the app today!

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It’s Easy to Earn Points
with Every Order.

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Dollar icon Every $1 spent
= 10 points
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Exclusive Rewards

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for Magic Rewards?

You can download the Flame Broiler app and sign up or create an online ordering account at flamebroilerusa.com.

How do I earn points?

We’re hard at work to allow for in-store earnings, but, for now, points can only be earned on digital orders through our website or mobile app on select items at participating locations.

How do I redeem rewards?

Before making a purchase, sign-in to your account to see your available rewards in your browser or mobile app and select “Redeem Rewards” at checkout.

What purchases qualify for points?

Points are earned on most digital orders through our website and mobile app. Points are not earned if you purchase a gift card, third party delivery, gratuities, coupons, discounts, or receipt adjustments.

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